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Free Yourself

There is not a whole lot to add to this post.  The above image really says it all. 
We must face the very thing that brings us the most distress in order to move on and live a happy and fulfilling life.  Otherwise, we will continue to go about life being fearful, anxious, depressed, confused, resentful, hurt, angry, lonely, etc. 
This will be no small feat, it will be a journey with bumps along the way, however, the destination is well worth it. 
Allow one of our therapists at Kelley Counseling to be your comforting and supportive companion and guide for the journey.  Sometimes, there is no need for elaborate therapy techniques or theories, you simply need a supportive, therapeutic bond with someone who will be there, while you explore your deepest fears.  
The therapeutic relationship is all you need.  
So contact us today, if you are ready to free yourself.  We look forward to joining you for the journey.  
-Lauren K. Dawood