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The Power of Reiki

The Power of Reiki Written by: Missy Stancil, LPC, NCC

Are you considering integrating Reiki into your self-care routine or as part of therapy? Reiki and other forms of energy healing are becoming more and more a part of treatment and wellness in Western cultures with a very long history in Eastern cultures.  For me, I approach my work (and my life) from bio-psycho-social-spiritual model, meaning I value how our individual biology and psychology, our social connection (or disconnection), and our individual and social spirituality are inextricable parts of wellness.  Devoting time and energy to becoming a Reiki Master was a natural part of my training as a behavioral health professional, and I’m delighted Amelia asked me to share a bit with you through the KCW blog.

What is Reiki?
The word Reiki is a Japanese word meaning spiritually guided life force energy.  Healing is accomplished by gentle touch in which energy is transferred from the practitioner to the recipient.  The practitioner …