Alison Moore Keene MA, LPCA

My name is Alison Keene and I hold a Master of Arts degree in professional counseling from Liberty University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, also from Liberty University. I am a Professional Counselor Associate (A12949) in North Carolina and am a postgraduate clinical resident in the Wake Forest Baptist Health spiritually integrated psychotherapy program.

My experience includes working with clients in integrated care, as well as at a domestic violence and sexual assault agency. I am available to counsel children, adolescents, adults and couples with a variety of needs. I also work with the LGBT population. I have experience and training in trauma, rape recovery and sexual assault, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, transition and adjustment, career planning, anger management, eating disorders, DBT, and spiritually integrated psychotherapy.

My approach to counseling includes the whole person. I use mindfulness in assisting to regulate the body and emotions, while exploring how thought patterns can be helpful or harmful. 
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, getting lost in a good book, and running outdoors.


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