Who Are We?

Kelley Counseling opened it's doors in 2013 by Amelia Kelley, after working for ten years in the Raleigh-Durham area in a variety of treatment settings. The mission of our agency is that everyone who wants therapy should get therapy, and we try our best to adhere to this mission in our pricing and delivery of timely services.

Within our team of therapists we specialize in treating and addressing substance abuse addictions and other additive behaviors, anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, adolescent behavioral issues and development, play therapy and childhood stress, trauma recovery, TFCBT, EMDR, the Gottman method of couple's counseling, Structural family therapy, Military Therapy,  DBT, eating disorders, conversion disorders, depression and nutritional deficiencies in mental health, sexual dysfunction in relationships, pain management and hypnotherapy.

At all times, the impact of stress on the whole person is addressed. Some of the work you may do includes problem-solving what causes you, your family or your relationship unwanted stress and finding  ways to help the body and mind heal naturally from emotional and physical pain. The approach chosen is based on your needs, ensuring that you feel safe and understood while feeling a sense of control over your treatment. 

We specialize in working with all age groups from; young child, adolescent and adulthood. At Kelley Counseling you will be paired with a therapist that is truly passionate about treating you or your loved one.


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