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True Harmony

I have been busy thinking about Harmony in our world and our individual lives.Did you ever stop to consider what true harmony might feel like?Consider for a moment your very favorite music in the world.How does it make you feel?That’s harmony!It resonates in your physical body and makes you happy!Melodies flow in and out, and intertwine to make a perfect piece of music that has a harmonious effect on you and on the world.The notes must all work together each doing their part, but not as strong individually as they are all together to create this beautiful song or symphony in the world. Now let’s think about what would happen if all of us (all of humanity) would work together in the world like this – each of us doing our own part, carrying our own responsibilities, but working together to create a beautiful human world without war or poverty or illness. Do you remember the old Coke a Cola song from the 1970’s “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony?”Well, I have a hunc…