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The Mindful Driver

The Mindful Driver
It seems like it is impossible to make my commute over I40 or I440 without seeing some type of accident, or the aftermath of one. This probably has to do somewhat with the fact that it is not hard to glance out your window and notice someone texting as they are moving along the highway.  In general, however, I think it would be fair to say that for many the commuting experience is one that is likely to provoke at least some stress and anxiety. Combine being in a state of stress with the many devices and concerns that pull our attention in every direction and you have a recipe for the micro-distractions that can mean disaster on the road. One method of pulling the driver back into a state of calm awareness would be to apply the principles of mindfulness to the experience of driving.
Stay connected to your experience:
Find small ways reconnect to your experience and remind yourself that you are the pilot of very heavy object going at high speed along with a lot of oth…